About Us

Priorities & Choices – www.prioritiesandchoices.org is a platform for individuals and organizations to coordinate their efforts for public education and citizen engagement. We need to show our politicians that there are citizens who care about the injustices affecting the most vulnerable in our communities.

Our goal

To redirect $100 billion over 20 years from military expenditures to initiatives that address human needs and climate change.

Our initial focus calls for the reallocation of funds from military spending to address the crisis in low rental housing.

The Canadian Defense Report – ‘Strong, Secure, Engaged’ – outlines an increase of 70% in the defense budget over 10 years, (starting in 2018) and total defence spending of  $553 billion over 20 years. The cost of 88 new fighter jets is estimated at $100 million each. We are proposing that the number of new fighter jets should be reduced by 50 (from 88 to 38 jets) and for the 70% increase in the defense budget to be reduced to 30%. These reductions could generate over 100 billion over 20 years for funding additional low-rental housing and low-cost home ownership.